Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Talking Angela Rumors???

Hey woozens! This is WAY off topic from woozworld...but people are actually scared of the app so called Talking Angela. Why? Because she has somebody in her eye and people are saying that there's a stalker!

My Opinion.....I don't see a guy in the eyes...and I'm pretty sure the reflection of the eyes are us on a lunch break or something together and she's supposed to make eye contact with us (players) and the background that's in her eyes is where our location is!
They probably tried to make it look realistic while making this app so it doesn't look very fake!

IF you click the adult version of this app when you open it....it probably asks for your age to just know if you're in the proper age to be on that app! Also....when she replies to your answers....it's probably based on the things you say....if you say bad words....she's probably programmed to know these words and to say that it's rude. When you ask: Are you looking at me? She replies: Yes....Im making direct eye contact....something like that....it's good manners to do that so she was programmed to be polite. When you start mentioning innapropriate things she probably replies some nasty things when you're on the adult side of the app or yeah....! 
That's my opinion!

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